The 11 theroy is a theory by Des for the apocolypse.


11 is a music disk name in minecraft and is considered the scariest of the disks. Des noticed many scary coincidances in which that this could cause the apocolypse.

Offical quoteEdit

"Disk name "11" translation to ELEVEN, Two thousand ELEVEN, ELEVENTH update, December ELEVENth is
11 disk

You can see "11" in the corner of disks.

ten days until the so called 2012 end of world, ELEVEN disks 1n beta 1.9 prerelease 2, over ELEVEN months since I was killed by lightning the hedgehog due to me being a angel, ELEVEN removals of "herobrine", One motnh before the ELEVENth month as of when I am typing this, October ELEVENTth in the year two thousand ELEVEN in SIX days as of the time i am typing this... Um... Is the apocalypse really near... Science?"


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