Des Creepers are the creeper equivalent of Des.

Cam's Creepedia EntryEdit

"This is a creeper that used to be unknown and whenever someone said anything before our research is they say they see a white creeper smiling with wings and a halo and that these creepers never explodes and are
Des Creeper

A drawing of a des creeper.

automatically tamed yet they cannot get them because they think they do not have Cam Creepers, Like Des Pikmin only go to the caller if they have Cam Pikmin, which are rare along with Cam Creepers. After research, They are immune to everything, they do not explode, they can fly, and can even protect the owner."

Des' Creepedia EntryEdit

"From researching with Cam, All I can say is this is like me, so we insist we call these cuties "Des Creepers" due to our similatries. However, this has blue feet."

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