A slime.

Slimekind is a kind of race that Cam knows that are in Grass and cave biomes in Cam's universe. These originated from minecraft.



Slimes are found as a 10 out of 100 chance to spawn out of monster spawners.

Slimes in a cave in the minecraft world.

They stay in their underground area until found by the player.

Cam's universeEdit

These are found by monster spawners, which instead of chance, are picked randomly with no chance. Slimes are spawned in the sky reigon but later travel to the Grass and Cave Biomes for the sping, summer, and fall. These hibernate in the sky reigon for winter excluding Fire Slimes, Water slimes, and Ice Slimes, Who stay in the biomes below all year. However, the water slime hibernates underwater, due to the fact they can breathe underwater for as long as they want, in other words, Infitiy.

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