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Purish's "Favorite image he found for the video". (The video is his video named "Save Derpy".)

The Save Derpy Flood, also known as "The Great Save Derpy Mission" was a operation started by Purish and Cam in 2012 to save a My Little Pony character named Derpy. This event led to the day that is dubbed as Cam + Derpy Day.


At about mid January 2012, soccermoms complained about Derpy being offensive which led to people saying Derpy should be banned. This sparked to EQ, which then made a whole operation called "Save Derpy". This caught Cam's attention and Cam stood up and was going to Save derpy with Purish.

Purish's partEdit

Purish was a major role in this operation, as Purish made accounts to spread awareness on these websites:

  • Sploder
  • Moshi Monsters
  • Scratch

and so on, and so forth.

The Quest to Save DerpyEdit

See The Quest to Save Derpy for info.

Lightning's change of heart?Edit

A rumor happened around Cam + Derpy Day saying Lightning doesn't approve of The banning of derpy and wants to actually help Cam. On Cam + Derpy Day, it was confessed.

"Ok, fine... I admit i'm a murder. but no one bans Derpy. I do not support banning derpy at all. In fact, Cam and Purish are my favorite derpy savers because they're spreading it everywhere."

Lightning even made a soccermom detector for Cam to use. He also gave him a iron sword with a sharpness enchant.

"It's now the day"Edit

It's now the day was a poem Cam wrote on the end of the 1st day of Cam + Derpy Day.

"It's now the day, near i'd say the bay, But today is a different thing, because today my brain goes ding. Today I save Derpy, who else would a I save if I wasn't so Herpy?"

While he says it's "Not the best at all", he still is proud of it.

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